TOP 5 Lightroom Presets Picked by Our Community

TOP 5 Lightroom Presets Picked by Our Community

What are the best Instagram presets for 2020? We have decided to ask our own community to vote and find out. 

Hearing which 123Presets I love the most is one thing. However, hearing it from #123Presets community is more interesting. Would you agree with them or would you have other presets in mind? Let us know!

As of right now, Miami, California, Bright & Airy, IG Style, and Santorini hold their TOP 5 Lightroom Presets positions strong. I am personally surprised that Minimal didn't make the TOP 5 list. But who am I to judge? 

top 5 lightroom presets

Lightroom Presets No. 1: Miami 


Miami presets are the ones that make your pictures POP. Vibrant colors, tan and soft skin tones, and teal sky. If you want to bring summer vibes to your photos, these presets will work really well for you. 

Easy to use Mobile presets will take your iPhone photos to the next level in seconds. Wondering if they would work with everyday photos? Just take a look at what one of our clients have said: 

"I was super apprehensive to purchase a preset because I didn’t know how it would look in everyday pictures, but I love this preset! It looks good on any photo and really makes pictures pop"

Logan C. 

You can find all the reviews here

Let's take a quick look at this photo: 

First of all, the photo on the left is amazing even before the edit. However, the one on the right is simply stunning. There is something to say about the aqua color sky. Without a doubt, it takes the picture to the next level. 

Main Miami Presets Features: 

  • Soft and tan skin
  • Vibrant images 
  • Brighter and muted pink tones 
  • Focus colors: orange and teal

Lightroom Presets No. 2: California

Professional Lightroom Presets California are all about that summer glow. Beautifully tan skin and vibrant colors in each and every one of your images. Turn your everyday photos into mind-blowing images with just one click. 

These presets will give your photos warm brown tones for everyday pictures for indoor and outdoor photography. 

If you are wondering what these presets fans have to say, here you go: 

"The California preset made my pictures from Bali look way better and match *_*"

Klara K.

However, there isn't a better way to see the difference but by looking at the examples themselves: 

As it is clear from the photo above, the image immediately looks more professional. It is sharper and more defined after the presets have been applied. You can also see that California presets work well with multiple skin tones.

The model's skin looks stunning in the second photo. I would also like to draw your attention to the background. This preset turns normal everyday green color into dark forest green. That works really well in portrait photography because it allows you to focus on the subject. 

Main California Presets Features: 

  • Tan and glowing skin
  • High contrast images 
  • Sharper & increased clarity photos
  • Focus colors: warm and soft tones 

Lightroom Presets No. 3: Bright & Airy

 I'm not going to lie, out of these TOP 5 presets, Bright and Airy are the ones that take the first place in my heart. I simply love this clean and high contrast look.

These presets are definitely more minimalistic than Miami and California. Hence, if you love a more minimalistic look, you will love Bright and Airy as well. 

According to Orisya L.:

"Loving these beautiful bright presets. They add the perfect touch to my pictures."

Just take a look at this image before and after: 

After applying the presets, the photo is immediately brighter, softer, and more eye-catching. The model's skin looks soft and clean. There is a high contrast between the subject's skin tones and her clothes. A subtle touch that makes your photos POP. 

Main Bright and Airy Presets Features: 

  • Subtle bright, brown, white and airy feels
  • Lighter images 
  • High contrast 
  • Tan skin tones 

Lightroom Presets No. 4: IG Style 

Even though I voted for IG Style presets myself, I was genuinely surprised when it made it to the TOP 5 Favorite Presets list. You see, IG Style is one of our most recent presets. However, as you can see, our community has had a chance to fall in love with it already. 

This is what one of our clients had to say about these particular presets: 

"These make pictures totally BEAUTIFUL!"

Beth H.

From the moment of IG Style presets launch, I have been obsessed with them. Just take a quick look and you will understand why: 

IG Style presets are very subtle and that's the beauty of them. Every change that these presets make is carefully calculated. The combination of increased sharpness, muted and deep green tones, and high contrast creates a top-notch edit in seconds. 

Main IG Style Features:

  • Sharper and well-defined images 
  • High contrast photos 
  • Minimal color edits: deep forest greens and muted colors 
  • Trendy Instagram look

Lightroom Presets No. 5: Santorini

Inspired by Greece, Santorini has always held its top position in our most sought out presets. Bright aqua blues, highlighted whites, sharper and higher contrast images will find the right color balance for your photos. 

Santorini allows you to bring the Greek beauty mood and feel to your photography. Feel free check out what our clients say about these presets:

"Love the santorini collection so much!! It was perfect for my trip to Greece. They really make the blues pop, each in their own way. Wasn’t expecting to love them so much! I almost didn’t buy them but pulled the trigger when I got off the plane and so glad that i did!"

Lindsey C.

Taking one look at these presets makes it clear why people love them so much: 

Main Santorini Features:

  • Increased brightness and vibrancy
  • Focused on Teal color 
  • Fairytale look and holiday feel
  • Works really well for those who love colors 

All five presets that are listed above work very well in portrait photography. It is extremely important to us to create presets that will work well with different skin tones and in various conditions (indoors, outdoors, studio or natural lighting). If you are not sure which presets would work best with your photography style you can always ask our community or connect with us on Instagram

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