TOP 5 Lightroom Presets for Instagram Influencers

Let me introduce TOP 5 looks that every influencer would love to have. These are the best presets for those who want more profile visits and engagement on their Instagram account.

With Lightroom mobile presets you can create a cohesive look on the go. These particular five presets were chosen because they follow the latest Instagram trends. On top of that these presets make sure that your photos are provided with tan and glowing skin tones. A professional look with just one click!


If you take Instagram more seriously than a general user, you need a preset that highlights your personality. Think of the places where you usually take photos or the color palette that you love for your clothing. Your presets should highlight your personal preferences. Those colors and choices are the things that make you unique as a human being.

There are five main styles that influencers usually choose:

MinimalBright and AiryDark and Moody,VanillaMercury

However, now, if you want to differentiate yourself from others, it’s best to choose presets that follow the latest trends:


Brighter. Sharper. Making an impact. These presets were specifically created for Instagram influencers. They follow the latest trends, make sure that your skin tones are tan and glowing. Most importantly, they get rid of brassy yellow tones and make your photos look crisp and  clear. IG Style main focus is fewer colors and a more natural looking Instagram feed.


Dreamy vintage tones. Currently trending photos that have a film look. Get rid of the unwanted tones and change them with soft pastel pink. These are the go to presets for those who want to stand out from the crowd.


Looking for a magazine look with personality? These presets are one of the most trending looks right now. Edgy & bold look with perfect skin tones. Get rid of yellow tones and make your skin look tan and glowing. Stand out from the crowd with premium presets. Don’t be afraid to be different. This is the look that most other influencers don’t have. The majority of them choose a more saturated or bright and airy look. With Black Mood presets, you have a stylish and original aesthetic.


A well refined look for an Instagram influencer. Bright eyes, stunning hair, glowing and tan skin tones, and professional-looking photos with just one click. Adds a unique touch to your photos but keeps natural looking skin tones. In short, these presets are known for their matte finish, stylish aesthetic, and warm tones.


The best way to actually save money and get your favorite presets is to get a collection. 12 packs, 90+ presets that will make sure that your photos look professional even if they have been taken in different environments. Also, if you ever get tired of one of the presets, you could revive with the new ones. You can also play around and find out which your audience loves the most. Just create some stories with different presets and ask people to vote. This way you will know for sure what kind of presets people choose who are your genuine followers.

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