Top 5 Photos from #123Presets: Style, Personality, and Endless Talent.

Top 5 Photos from #123Presets: Style, Personality, and Endless Talent.

What comes before the editing phase is as important as the filters and final touches you use to perfect any photo. It is this pre-planning what will help you get gorgeous results since all presets work best when you plan accordingly. 

For example, presets that focus on color and outdoor light will make sunny outdoor images look full of life and captivating, while more subtle and minimal presets will ask that you strip away any excess in your surroundings and that you photograph neutral tones. 

But aside from matching your setup and outfit to a specific filter, there are general tips and tricks that will help photographers of all skill levels. Ultimately, the more attention you put to preparing your photoshoot, the more fun and creative the editing process will be and the images you end up with will look more professional. 

The focus here is on placement, outfit selection, posing, and the general environment. So even if your style of photography is different from these examples, you can still take note and apply what you learn here to boost your individuality. 

Ease of Style, and Lost of Personality

The first two photos are from model and travel blogger Ella’s account (@ellabellayeah), who shows us that your feed should really focus on who you are. And she achieves this personal sense of intimacy by posing in ways that draw the viewer in.

Instagram model pose

In the first photo, she makes us feel close by sitting on the floor in a relaxed pose, looking into the camera, and letting her outfit partially fall off of her body. This calmness is accentuated by the soft tones of her outfit and her paired down hairstyle, both of which make this composition feel like an invite to hangout and chat the day away.

Instagram model posing

In the second photo, she applies the same technique of using angles that draw you in and clothing in warm tones. The way her arms are positioned create balance and make us focus on her direct look into the camera. 

In this type of photography, where a personal vibe is the overall tone of the shoot, presets that add an extra layer of smooth and calm tones always work best. A pack like Perfect Tones for example, will help you get the kind of silky effect that makes Ella’s vibe so pleasant. Light & Airy, Caramel, and Nude Tones will also work to give you the same easygoing weekend vibe as Ella. 

Contrast and Precision for Eye-Catching Photos

Another excellent route to an amazing feed that captures the attention of viewers, is applying basic rules around contrast. With the right amount of contrast and the right balance of tones, you are able to create a composition that feels artistic and where each element, including yourself, has a life of their own. 

In the first photo, (@megan_mariah__), fashion, travel, and lifestyle blogger Megan picks just right outfit to create the perfect contrast. By wearing black head-to-toe, her pose in front of a mirror stands out from the white and neutral background of the space she’s in. To create even more contrast, she uses the frame of the mirror she’s standing in front of to create a gallery effect on her image. 

Instagram model

In a similar style, content creator Adriána (@somadriana) pulls some contrast tricks of her own by wearing black pants and shoes while standing in front of pure white snow. The contrast in her image is made even stronger thanks to the building she chose to pose with. The clear lines and brightness of the building stand against the white snow just like her outfit does, creating a balanced effect that looks beautiful and well thought out. 

Instagram model in front of house

For such photos, tools that enhance and perfect contrast are what you want to use. A great first step in this category is Clean lightroom preset, which focuses equally on clean tones and higher contrast, giving your images a high definition feel. 

Last but Far from Least: The Things you Love

Tenderness and personality are best friends, and good content creators know that images that are filled with sweet emotions are great canvases to create amazing content. This time I want to introduce you to stunning @best_dressed_dogs. The example here is designer Lucie’s baby dog, who is surrounded in gorgeous soft tones to enhance how intimate this photo is. 

The trick here is to select something you feel a strong connection to as a way to show viewers your world from a closer perspective, a tip which can be made even better by using a tool like Insta Blogger. This collection of filters, just like that which you hold dearest, is bright and full of warmth. 

little dog photo

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