Transforming Everyday Photography: Anna's Instagram Revolution with 123Presets

Transforming Everyday Photography: Anna's Instagram Revolution with 123Presets


Anna, living in Tenerife and boasting a following of 56K, is an influencer who is no stranger to the artistic endeavor of Instagram. With her keen eye for detail and aesthetic sense, she creates posts that resonate with her audience. How does she do it? The answer lies in her use of 123Presets. Let's explore Anna's experience with these presets and find out why they've become an indispensable part of her daily life.

The Presets of Choice

Anna's favorite presets from 123Presets include Tanned and Italy, among others. These particular presets have caught her fancy, and she finds herself using them every day. "I am really happy [to] use them," Anna says with excitement, reflecting her genuine contentment with the products.

A Learning Curve Well Worth It

While admitting that she needed to initially read and understand how the presets work, Anna has found that using them has become "very easy" once she got the hang of it. This brief learning curve is a small price to pay for the beautiful enhancements they bring to her photographs.

A Prettier Feed

One of the immediate effects that Anna has observed since using 123Presets is a noticeable improvement in her Instagram feed. "My feed in Instagram is really prettier than before with the presets," she admits, signaling the power of these presets in redefining her visual style.

Satisfaction with the Selection

When asked if she would like to see any particular new presets or LUTs offered, Anna's response speaks volumes about the comprehensive range of options available with 123Presets. "I don't know, I think you have a lot," she says, highlighting her satisfaction with the existing variety.

A Wholehearted Endorsement

Would Anna recommend these presets to others? Her answer is a resounding "Yes!" For her, these presets have the ability to make every photo "more prettier," an enhancement that any photography enthusiast would appreciate.


Anna's journey with 123Presets is a testament to the transformative potential of the right editing tools. Whether you're an influencer, a photographer, or just someone who loves capturing daily moments, 123Presets can elevate your work to a professional level.

What sets Anna's experience apart is her daily use and the visual pleasure it adds to her Instagram feed. Her story is an invitation to explore the world of 123Presets, where the right preset can add a touch of magic to your everyday photography.

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