Winter Whites: A Guide to Showcasing Snowy Adventures 

Finding inspiration for your feed is both fun and challenging, which is why blending style with a trip to a beautiful location is the perfect mix of visual appeal and personal style. Not to mention that a new location, whether a city or pure nature, instantly brings new life to your feed and shows your fun and fearless side.

Whenever I travel I am reminded of how much personal style is connected to our way of living, and showing your ventures adds a layer of excitement to your experiences and gives viewers a fresh perspective they can feel curious about. 

Here we will focus on winter scenes as the perfect source of inspiration. Why winter you ask? The answer lies in the minimal yet grand beauty that snow-filled adventures are sure to bring and how well these scenes photograph. 

Not to mention the endless possibilities that snow brings: winter fashion which is heavy on accessories and layers, a variety of unique and thrilling sports, and of course cozy indoor scenes where warmth is paired with a view of the season. 

Let’s take a look at some examples of this type of photography and we’ll breakdown what makes these images great.

A Walk in the Park: Finding Beauty Close to Home 

Whether you live somewhere where it snows or have traveled to a wintery location to explore and take pictures, you can’t deny that even the most common locations look stunning when covered in snow. The reason for this is the pristine and clean beauty that snowfalls bring, and how they make everything they cover look pillowy, soft, and of course bright white. 

This effect sets up the perfect minimal backdrop and turns outdoor locations into galleries where you can highlight your personal interests, style, and love for all seasons. And this is exactly what health and sustainability blogger from Amsterdam Lisa (@lisalottevanos) does to show and talk about buying vintage shoes in her city. The clear backdrop paired with neutral and light colored clothes draw immediate attention to her boots. 

influencer photo

Melly (@melly_385) from Germany achieves the same stylish effect by wearing a fuzzy coat that almost mirrors the snow around her, while dark pine trees contrast beautifully with the surroundings in similar fashion to her leggings and boots. The result is minimal perfection, which is of course made better with tools like Bright Winter preset and Winter Joy from 123presets. Both of these packs will tone your winter photos to perfection by letting just the right amount of color in. 

Girl in the snow

Inside or Outside? The Eternal Winter Question

The cold season brings with it challenges and opportunities. Sure, the sun is not out as often and sometimes it feels like being outside is tough. But the reality is that the season is filled with beauty and a timeless question: to go or not to go outside.

girl skiing

Creators Maggie (@maggiecheung_) and Viktoria (@viktoria.kristina) bring us outdoors for an active and sporty affair and prove that a great time awaits in the snow. They both take breaks from skiing and document intimate moments in the snow. The vibe is a jet-set Swiss wonderland that is filled with energy and excitement and lots of style. Their surroundings sit like a white canvas and create a composition that feels larger than life.  

girl in the mountains

On the flip side, the same two creators cozy up indoors after some outdoor adventure. Viktoria takes a spa break while looking at gorgeous mountains, while Maggie warms up inside a glass pod that looks onto a vast scene of stunning neutral tones. Both photos make amazing use of light colors that are present both indoors and outdoors. 

And how exactly did they achieve this fascinating finish? A tool like Mountains preset - known to be one of the best presets for winter photographs - will lend more than a helping hand by giving you bright perfection. For a calmer and warmer take on the season, Winter Blues preset will make skies, green nature, and clothing feel nostalgic and personal. 

What these creators have shown us is that winter is versatile, beautiful, and the perfect season for new photos. Whether your approach is active and outdoors, or a cozy and warm indoor scene, inspiration is around the corner with the minimal backdrop that snow gives you.

So if you live somewhere where you can enjoy this beautiful time of year or you are traveling to a location precisely for this reason, give some serious thought to a dazzling photoshoot. Pack your ski gear if that’s what you’re into, put some boots on, or sit by a window with a warm drink and inspire your followers to live their best winter life.


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