You Need to Know This if You Want to Turn Your IG Account Into PRO

You Need to Know This if You Want to Turn Your IG Account Into PRO

Instagram is a fun game. But you know what's even more fun? When you are winning. More likes. More engagement. More comments and more traffic to your site or blog. 

Whether you are an Instagram influencer, business owner or just someone who has a competitive spirit, these tips will help you to bring your Instagram account to the next level. 

Instagram Photography Hacks

Whether you like it or not, that's usually your first impression. If your color theme is all over the place, it will be difficult to leave a good one. With Lightroom presets, you will be able to transform your Instagram account within seconds. 

Especially if you haven't used them before. They are a professional way to edit your photos. In order to make the most of it, you simply need to take better pictures.

Easier said than done? 

What I mean by better pictures is simply choosing the right lighting, outfit, and location. In this case less is almost always more. By doing so, you will help the preset do its job. 


Soft natural lighting will work great. All you need is a shade, when you are taking pictures outside. When it comes to photos inside, it's best to stand in front of the window so you get that nice natural light. 


Less is more. If you want to keep your Instagram feed consistent, choose one main and one secondary color. Let's say the main color is white so you select white clothes for your photoshoots. Your secondary color could be deep red. That way you can choose an accessory that's red. The goal is that you only use small things for that color so it's not overpowering. 

As for your location, ideally you want something minimalistic and without too much going on. That way it is easier to not get distracted and create quality images. This is mainly a tip for those who haven't taken that many photos. When you have more experience, you will be able to work in most locations. 

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