Film IG highlight covers

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About this Collection

Just like a movie star. Brand new CANVA Instagram Highlight Covers for your stylish social media account! Black and white elements for a bold and moody look. 

They are perfect for food, beauty bloggers, influencers, photographers, small businesses, restaurants, athletes and more.

Highlights work perfectly with IG Style presets & CANVA templates. Glam up your Instagram with gorgeous highlights! 

Customizable Canva Highlights - Free Canva Template included.


✔ CANVA Text template (create your own titles!)

✔ 20+ highlight covers

✔ Commonly used with Lightroom Presets

✔ Lifetime purchase protection (one-time payment)

✔ The trendiest look on Instagram

✔ Easy to adjust



✔ Media


✔ Drink

✔ Fast/Healthy Food

✔ School/University

✔ Ecology

✔ Maternity

✔ Blog

✔ Business

✔ Music

✔ Shopping

✔ Sport

✔ Technology

✔ Travel


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