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About this Collection

Inspired by a daring challenge, Tomas Simkus, founder of 123presets, embarked on a unique journey. He set out to capture the entirety of Justina & Andrew's wedding day using only an iPhone. The result? A gallery of breathtaking moments, each image radiating with emotion, warmth, and authenticity.

Now, you too can achieve this enchanting aesthetic with our specially curated iPhone Wedding Presets Collection. Whether it's the soft glow of dawn, the vibrant hues of midday, or the romantic twilight ambiance, this collection has got you covered.

What's Inside?

  • A collection of 11 meticulously crafted presets, each designed to bring out the best in your iPhone wedding shots.
  • Versatility at its best: Whether you're editing on the go or at your desk, these presets are tailored for both mobile and desktop platforms.
  • A perfect blend of tones and contrasts that encapsulate the magic of wedding photography, all through the lens of an iPhone.

Why Choose the iPhone Wedding Presets Collection?

  • Authenticity: Crafted from a real-life wedding shoot, these presets carry the genuine essence of love and celebration.
  • Versatility: Suitable for a range of lighting conditions and backdrops, ensuring your photos always look their best.
  • Ease of Use: Whether you're a seasoned photographer or just starting out, these presets make editing a breeze.

Dive into the world of iPhone wedding photography and let every shot tell a story.
Get the iPhone Wedding Presets Collection today and transform your moments into memories!

Add a warm and airy feeling and create a beautiful wedding look. Just one click and you are ready to go posting your favorite wedding photos on social media!

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How Does it Work?

After purchasing our presets, you'll get a simple guide to help you get started. It's a breeze, even for kids!

  1. Snap a photo with your iPhone, Android, or digital camera.
  2. Apply the preset to your picture using the Lightroom App.
  3. Voilà! Share your amazing photo with the world!

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Mobile or Desktop Version?

Mobile Presets: Ideal for on-the-go editing, quickly enhance your photos right on your mobile device.

Desktop Presets: Enjoy full control and fine-tune your images with precision using your computer.

Mobile & Desktop: Experience ultimate convenience by editing seamlessly on both your laptop and mobile, unlocking the full potential of your Lightroom presets!

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Easy to Use

You don’t need to be a Lightroom expert to achieve stunning wedding photos. Our presets are designed with simplicity in mind, allowing even beginners to create professional-quality edits effortlessly.