Halloween Photoshoot Ideas for Instagram (+ New Lightroom Presets)

Halloween Photoshoot Ideas for Instagram (+ New Lightroom Presets)

Halloween is almost here! And that means that it's time to think about your costume. When you put so much effort in your costume, you definitely want some photos out of it. Here I will share how to make those photos eye catching. The main goal of this article is to inspire you for a Halloween themed photo shoot. 

Also, it may be a lot easier than you think. Sometimes great makeup is enough. Too much of something will look cheap. So keeping minimalism in mind will add class to your photography. 

1) Use the props 

Before starting the photo shoot with makeup and costumes, use Halloween props for your more "normal" photo shoot. There is something about those orange pumpkins. That color creates warm autumn photos. In this particular photo bellow there is one important reason why it works so well. Blue denim color is like the best friend for orange. 

woman with denim jacket

2) Don't want to buy a costume? Focus on your makeup. 

Honestly, you don't need to rent a costume. Invite your girlfriends over, watch some YouTube makeup tutorials and have fun together. Even if you are on your own, there is something therapeutic and artsy in creating your own Halloween makeup. The best part about it is that you really don't have to be perfect. Worse is better in this case. I'd like to draw your attention with this photo. The reason her makeup works so well is because her outfit is very simple. Do you know that rule where they say that if you have really bright red lipstick, your eyes make up should be more simple? That's exactly the case with this model. Her eyes are expressive, her lips are nude, and her outfit is simple. 

halloween inspired photoshoot

3) Let children inspire you 

We have to be honest here, children are simply more creative. So you can definitely use Halloween as an opportunity for a more interesting photo shoot. Another important thing you can see in this photo is that kids are interested. They are excited to carve the pumpkin and paint their faces. This is the best idea for a family photo shoot. You will have fun and authentic family photos. 

children playing

4) Autumn inspired couple photo shoot

You don't need costumes to record your memories. Pumpkins add warmth to your photos. Orange and teal colors are eye pleasing and create a fun vibe. Use Halloween as an amazing opportunity to create moments with your partner. 

couple photoshoot with pumpkins

5) Get creative with your pumpkins

A Halloween pumpkin doesn't have to be orange. You can paint them white and black. Add stylish accents to your photography. 

little girl with white pumpkin

6) Use Halloween for product photography

Product photography has its own set of challenges. Creating a warm and cozy feeling without props would be impossible. Halloween theme allows your creativity to flow. However, I'd like to note here that in product photography it's important to use Halloween decorations sparingly. You want to create Halloween themed photos - sure. But you should use this opportunity to create something more long term. Hence, a) create Halloween themed photos, b) remove some of the pumpkin decorations. This way you will be able to use these photos longer. :)

pumpkin product photography

7) Upgrade your photos with Lightroom Presets

Halloween inspired presets enhance the orange color in your photos, adds warmth, and creates a soft and dreamy mood to your photography. Let me tell you something, you don't need an orange pumpkin in the photo to set a festive mood. Let's take a look at actual photos enhanced by Halloween presets. 

woman drinking coffee woman drinking coffee during autumn

Warmer? Check.

More eye catching? Check.

Prettier colors? Check. 

The photo from above doesn't have any Halloween props but you can definitely feel the dreamy mood from the enhanced colors. 

latte coffee cup enhanced latte cup

Food and drinks look tastier with warmer tones. But in this case the preset is great for other reasons. It creates mood, makes the colors POP and ensures that a photo that otherwise looks pretty dull becomes interesting. 

dull fashion shot woman photo

These colors have a fairy tale feel to them. No wonder Instagram influencers quite often choose vibrant and brighter colors.

halloween inspiration

As you can see, by editing your photos with Halloween Lightroom presets, your Instagram grid  looks consistent even though there are many different photography types mixed. From fashion to product photography, each photo has its place.

This particular set of presets manages the orange color. It's not always easy to choose the right amount because orange is a very strong color so you need to find balance between a color that POPS and the soft skin tone. 

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