How to Pose in Photos when You are Alone (5 Simple Hacks)

In our world there are two groups of people: a) naturally photogenic who look great in every photo no matter what, b) other mere mortals who usually look better in real life. Do not worry, I put myself in the second category but all of this can quickly change. 

Probably the main thing to take from this article is to try to look as natural as possible. That's usually easier said than done. Especially if you do not take that many photos of yourself. If you do take quite a few photos, this article could give you some inspiration for your future photoshoots. 

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Halloween Photoshoot Ideas for Instagram (+ New Lightroom Presets)

Halloween is almost here! And that means that it's time to think about your costume. When you put so much effort in your costume, you definitely want some photos out of it. Here I will share how to make those photos eye catching. The main goal of this article is to inspire you for a Halloween themed photo shoot. 

Also, it may be a lot easier than you think. Sometimes great makeup is enough. Too much of something will look cheap. So keeping minimalism in mind will add class to your photography. 

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