How to Pose in Photos when You are Alone (5 Simple Hacks)

How to Pose in Photos when You are Alone (5 Simple Hacks)

Posing in pictures should be fun but sometimes it's just isn't because you don't know what to do with your body. In our world there are two groups of people: a) naturally photogenic who look great in every photo no matter what, b) other mere mortals who usually look better in real life. Do not worry, I put myself in the second category but all of this can quickly change. 

Probably the main thing to take from this article is to try to look as natural as possible. That's usually easier said than done. Especially if you do not take that many photos of yourself. If you do take quite a few photos, this article could give you some inspiration for your future photoshoots. 

Let's start :) 

Hack #1

Stand up straight and put your shoulders back 

This tip is probably the most overlooked hack of all. A great posture is essential to show your inner confidence. Another thing to keep in mind is that without putting your shoulders back, you will most probably look stiff. So this look has to go hand in hand. Once you feel comfortable and don’t have to remind yourself about your posture, you can start breaking the rules. If you ever take a look at fashion models, many times their posture isn’t straight. But we have to keep in mind that they know how to work it no matter what. 

Hack #2

Do something with your hands.  

 young woman with a bag of oranges

Probably the main reason why people look so weird in photos is that they simply don’t know what to do with their hands. Think about it, even in real life we feel awkward if we don’t know what to do with them. At a party, we feel more comfortable if we have a drink in our hands. If we are waiting for a friend somewhere, we feel immediately better if we have a phone. If you don’t do anything with your hands for a longer time in a social situation, it is simply weird. When you take photos, you want to look as natural as possible. Hence, put your hand in the pocket, slightly fix your hair, check your phone, tie your shoe. At least at the very beginning of the photoshoot, this will put you at ease and you will not need to think about your hands.

One more thing, hands are tricky because they are little tricksters. Let me give you an example. For example, if you are nervous, your hands will be shakey and give away that you are a little bit stressed. So in order to avoid that, squeeze your hand tight into a fist, keep it for a couple of seconds, then release and shake it a little bit. 

Hack #3

Make your photo more dynamic. 

woman throws pumpkin in the air

A photo where you walk, run or jump will look more interesting. You can also throw objects as shown in the example above. Throwing a bunch of leaves is one of the best ideas for fall. You might need to do it slowly. However, a body in movement looks more natural and interesting, thus, better.

Hack #4

Create angles with your body. 

 woman model posing with red outfit

Your photo will look a lot more interesting if you create angles with your body. Just look at the photo above and her legs. Neither of them is straight. By creating angles you also look better. Imagine, how you would sit naturally. Sitting up straight is probably not the most relaxing or comfortable way. So don't be afraid to not be perfect. 

Hack #5

Close your eyes. 

woman with closed eyes

It is quite unusual to see a photo with closed eyes so try it out. In most cases, photos, where people are looking, are preferred because they draw attention. However, doing something different than everybody else is always good. 

Another reason why this photo looks so natural is the cup. Most people don't just sit on the ground for no reason. However, you could definitely enjoy a cup of coffee by sitting on a flight of stairs. 

BONUS TIP: have fun. Taking photoshoots is a lot of fun and the more creative or crazy you get, the better the photos turn out. So if blasting some reggeaton makes you laugh, add it as your background music for the photoshoot. 

By the way, all of the photos in this article have been edited with the warm and cozy Halloween Presets. Feel free to check them out. 

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