Influencer Inspiration: Minimal Style Instagram Feed (with Photos)

Influencer Inspiration: Minimal Style Instagram Feed (with Photos)

Elegant minimalism. Fashion designer @beatajaniszewskaa is a true inspiration to those who love minimal style. Everything in her Instagram feed is modern and edgy. Her clothes focus on their form more than color. That's what minimalism is all about.

Which Presets Do You Use For Your Instagram Feed? 

"Minimal one. The most original and unique Presets. In a natural way looks more elegant" - Beata. Minimal presets fit Beata's own style and personality. It allows her photos to shine. Even when she just takes them with her phone, the presets make her pictures look professional. 

Beata also has a good understanding on how to make the most out of her presets. By taking pictures in well-lit areas, she is able to keep the photos' quality. On top of that, Beata chooses soft natural light. You can usually find it during cloudy days. The key thing is to avoid direct sun and always go for well-lit areas so that the photos don't lose their quality. 

Let's Explore Beata's Photography

Just by taking a quick look at a couple of her photos, you immediately notice a similar mood. Her pictures express her style from their color tone to her facial expressions. You will notice consistency in all of her posts. 

Focus Colors

The main dominant colors are grey, white, and black. You will also notice occasional deep red tones and blues.

girl with leather jacket

Lightroom Presets: Minimal

Simplicity is Key

By keeping her photos simple and most importantly taking them in front of the grey wall, she is able to draw attention to her clothes and fashion. 

girl with jacket

Lightroom Presets: Minimal

In other words, from the first look, I know where she wants to draw the viewer's eye. This is one of the key elements for any Instagram feed. However, it's especially important in minimal style aesthetic: you want to keep one main element in the photo and let the surrounding space breathe. 

This concept is usually called "white space". White space allows your products to showcase themselves in their full glory. Anything that is surrounded by white space will look more elegant and luxurious. 


Beata keeps her mood similar. All of her photos have a nostalgic feel to them. Partly that's created by her looking away in all of her photos. Her posing adds drama to the image as well. 

woman next to wall

Lightroom Presets: Minimal

Why Does Beata's Instagram Feed Look So Great?

When you take a look at Beata's feed, you notice one thing right away. All of the colors and tones are carefully chosen. I am not only talking about the fact that she chose one of our best Minimal presets.

All of her clothes and accessories include details of black color. That adds contrast to her photos and make her feed stand out. 

instagram feed screenshot

Another thing you can notice is that she chooses one photo that is full body and another one that is a close up of her or the accessories. That creates an eye-pleasing dynamic as well.

This kind of layout has been labeled as checkers and works really well if you want to create a stylish and consistent Instagram feed. 

Did You Like Her Style?

Beata normally uses Minimal presets. They work really well for those who want to showcase fashion or create their own unique style on Instagram. This look is currently one of the most sought out on Instagram. 

What's Special About Minimal Presets?

Minimal presets focus only a few main colors: tan skin tones, white, grey, and black tones. They create a bright and airy feel by added contrast. 

  • High fashion magazine look,
  • Beautiful skin without orange tones,
  • Bright and airy feeling,
  • High contrast images. 

What's Special About 123Presets Minimal Aesthetic? 

123Presets goal was to create a minimalist look and keep tan and smooth skin. Sometimes with minimal presets you can lose those beautifully tan and glowing skin tones. That's why it was extremely important for 123Presets to create such Insatgram filters that would have both: minimalist mood and sunkissed skin tones.

Minimal Presets Collection

However, we have more presets that you can choose from. They all follow the main minimalism principles: fewer colors, focus only on main colors, light, and airy feel, high contrast, sharper images, increased clarity. Check out our latest Minimal presets collection. Make your photos stand out with a couple of clicks. 

Want more inspiration? Here's an article that describes how to get the most out of your minimalist aesthetic. Get inspired by the latest Instagram trends. 

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