Minimalist Instagram Feed Inspiration

Minimalist Instagram Feed Inspiration

The minimalist style has been trending for a couple of years right now. Less is more kind of thinking is all over Instagram. From simple designs, clothes, accessories to photos with a reduced number of colors. Minimal style photos add elegance to your feed. However, not every photo will look great if minimalist preset is applied. Let me share with you a couple of tips on how to make the most of your minimalist style.


All of the photos below have been edited with Minimal Presets. One of our clients' favorites. 

I will also present my own personal favorite Instagram feed examples that embrace this style. From highlights choice to photography, let's talk about why these Instagram feeds look so good. 


1) Instagram Feed Inspiration #1

Let us start talking from the highlights. All of them are black and white, which makes the minimalist style photos look great. She has also added detailed icons with thin lines. Leaving a lot of white space also helps to keep the minimal style. 

If you take a close look at her photos, she posts one photo of herself and another photo of a product. This is why her feed looks so clean because it has structure. In addition to that, all of the photos have white backgrounds. Hence, there is enough white space and the photos don't look crowded. 


She uses minimal presets, which helps her create a consistent feel in her feed. The only colors that are more visible are darker red and orange tones. The other colors are muted and that's how a clean, magazine look is achieved. 

Minimal lightroom presets feed

Thank you @mrs.miisz for lettings us share your stunning feed. 


2) Instagram Feed Inspiration #2

The second minimal feed I would like to introduce you is from a traveler and lifestyle blogger Sarah Lena. The beauty of her feed is the consistent style and minimalist mood, from the highlights to the photos themselves she pays attention to every detail. Talking about the highlights, she chose a muted pink color for them, which beautifully match her feed enhanced by Minimal presets. 


Earthy tones, desaturated and dark greens, and warm, tan skin tones. High contrast is achieved by deepened blacks and increased white color. She mixes her own photos together with the landscape shots. One more thing that makes her stand out is carefully chosen clothes, e.g. either only black or white, and interesting jewelry accessories. Her clothes attract attention by their interesting cut and not a bright color itself. 


inspirational instagram feed


Thank you @an.otherstories for letting us post your beautiful feed!


3) Instagram Feed Inspiration #3

I would also like to share what 123Presets learned by creating the Instagram feed. We love sharing before and after images. Also, choosing one picture without people and another one with a person. Another thing that we keep in mind is trying to mix photos that are close-ups with the ones that are taken from further away.  After 12 posts, we usually choose photos edited a new preset. 


instagram feed inspiration minimal

123Presets Instagram Feed


Also, if you would like to be featured on our Instagram, feel free to use our hashtag #123PRESETS. We are always happy to see what you create with our presets.


Which Presets Match with Minimal?

Some people think that their feeds look the best by using one set of presets. I am not going to argue with that. However, mixing multiple presets adds a "little kick" to the feed. There are a couple of things you could do: add similar presets next to each other or dedicate 12 posts for one preset. Why would you want to do that? Because the presets would match the season. For example, holiday presets may look better with Santorini than Minimal. For Christmas time you might want to add a fairytale look with Winter's Tale. 


In case you are wondering which presets work best hand in hand with Minimal, here's a list: 

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