How to Make Your Instagram More Aesthetic? (+ Questions to Find Out Your Style)
It is not enough anymore to post pretty photos on Instagram to reach engagement. Sure, it helps. Honestly, it helps a lot. However, there are so many other smaller things that could help you out. From interesting captions to the actual look and feel of the feed. Some photos will look better next to each other, some captions will attract more comments, some styles will work better than others with your personality and brand. 
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Minimalist Instagram Feed Inspiration
The minimalist style has been trending for a couple of years right now. Less is more kind of thinking is all over Instagram. From simple designs, clothes, accessories to photos with a reduced number of colors. Minimalist style photos add elegance to your feed. However, not every photo will look great if minimalist preset is applied. Let me share with you a couple of tips on how to make the most of your minimalist style.
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