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This Black Friday, we're elevating your photography game to new heights. Introducing the Ultimate 700+ Presets Master Collection – a treasure trove of 70 expertly crafted preset collections, designed to breathe life into every photo, regardless of the scenario or style. From the nostalgic charm of vintage film to the sleek sophistication of modern aesthetics, this bundle is your key to unlocking limitless creative possibilities.

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✔ 70 Hand-picked Mobile & Desktop Lightroom Presets Collections
✔ 700+ Lightroom Presets In Total
✔ 230+ Video Presets ( Video LUTs)
✔ 120+ Instagram Highlight Covers for Instagram
✔ Fully Compatible with Lightroom Classic 3 up to Latest Version + All CC Versions & free Lightroom Mobile
✔ One-click Automated Lightroom Presets (no user input required)
✔ 100% adjustable and customizable Lightroom presets
✔ Free support
✔ Lifetime free updates

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  1. WINTER'S TALE (5 PRESETS) - Bright and cozy winter presets that add just the right amount of pink tones to create a wonderland.
  2. SCANDINAVIAN (10 PRESETS) - This will help your adventure and travel images stand out.
  3. CHRISTMAS LIGHTS (10 PRESETS) - It has been created to focus on the red and green tones.
  4. CHRISTMAS HOME (7 PRESETS) - Cozy winter presets specifically created for indoors.
  5. WINTER'S JOY (7 PRESETS) - Cozy, stylish, and stunning winter images with Winter Joy presets.
  6. SNOW (10 PRESETS) - Playful, bright and cozy winter Lightroom presets.
  7. SNOW COLD (10 PRESETS) - Add cool tones and winter vibes to your stunning pictures.
  8. RUSTIC WINTER (10 PRESETS) - Add holiday mood enhancing the nature tones.
  9. WINTER BLUES (10 PRESETS) - Bring a cool, moody atmosphere to your winter photos.
  1. WARM & MOODY (10 PRESETS) - Create a warm, moody atmosphere.
  2. FALL VIBES II (10 PRESETS) - Warm and cozy photos with just one click!
  3. FALL SERENITY (10 PRESETS) - Embrace the tranquility of autumn with our Fall Serenity Lightroom Presets. 
  4. WARM AND NATURAL (10 PRESETS) - Creates cozy, inviting atmosphere that feels like a warm embrace.
  5. MOODY TOUCH (10 PRESETS) - By decreasing color tones and enhancing details, these presets give your photos a trendy, moody look that's popular in 2024.
  6. MOODY FALL (10 PRESETS) - Trendy presets perfect match for anyone looking for a unique look this fall.
  7. HIKING (10 PRESETS) - Bring the adventure of the great outdoors to your photos.
  8. FILM II (10 PRESETS) - Has a 35MM film look with a slight grain vintage effect.
  9. FUJI LIFESTYLE (10 PRESETS) - Gives digital photos the unmistakable and timeless look of the classic analog film.
  1. VIBRANT LIFE (10 PRESETS) - All about enhancing vibrancy in your pictures without changing the original hues of the colors. 
  2. GOLDEN HOUR II (10 PRESETS) - These presets give a softer and more beautiful golden hour effect to your photos. 
  3. MOODY GLAM (10 PRESETS) - Perfect for enhancing the drama and mystery of your images.
  4. SUMMER ADVENTURE (10 PRESETS) - These edits bring a vibrant, contrasting look to your photos, perfect for those seeking to make their images stand out.
  5. BEACH VIBES (10 PRESETS) - Bring the laid-back, carefree vibe of the beach to your photos with these 10 Lightroom presets.
  6. FOREST ADVENTURE (10 PRESETS) - These edits provide deep, mysterious colors, adding a touch.
  7. OCTOBER (10 PRESETS) - October presets create bright, cheerful, clean warm fall photo edits.
  8. WARM AND NATURAL (10 PRESETS) - These presets enhance the natural beauty of your images, infusing them with a cozy, inviting atmosphere.
  9. MAURITIUS (10 PRESETS) -These presets are PERFECT for Instagram Influencers, travel bloggers & creatives looking to take their vacation photos to the next level!
  1. INDOOR GLAMOUR (10 PRESETS) - These edits focus on enhancing natural tones in everyday pictures.
  2. MONO MAGIC (10 PRESETS) - Timeless monochrome masterpieces, emphasizing contrast, texture, and mood to create striking, unforgettable visuals.
  3. UNDERWATER (10 PRESETS) - These presets bring out the vibrant colors, clarity, and detail of your aquatic adventures, creating stunning images.
  4. RUSTIC ROADTRIPS (10 PRESETS) The Rustic Roadtrips presets are for all you road-trippers and travelers.
  5. ARCHITECTURE (10 PRESETS) Elevate your interior and exterior shots, enhancing lines, textures, and details to create striking.
  6. ANALOG (10 PRESETS) - These presets transport your digital photos back in time, infusing them with a timeless, retro aesthetic.
  7. WINTER WONDER (10 PRESETS) - This pack is all you need to add a magical winter atmosphere to your photographs with one click.
  8. ICELAND (10 PRESETS) - These presets are designed to enhance the otherworldly landscapes, dramatic skies, and icy wonders.
  9. ADVENTURE AWAITS (10 PRESETS) -   Effortlessly enhance your photos and share your wanderlust with the world.
  1. CREAMY (11 PRESETS) These presets will create a smooth matte effect with ivory toning. 
  2. GOLDEN HOUR (14 PRESETS) It’s not a secret that most photos are taken during the golden hour.
  3. EARTH TONES (8 PRESETS) Effortlessly achieve soft, dreamy, and rustic tones with these versatile presets.
  4. BRIGHT & AIRY (17 PRESETS) - Make your photos look clean, light, and in high contrast with one-click magic.
  5. NO FILTER (9 PRESETS) - These presets are meant to slightly improve your photos, like balancing out the brightness
  6. INSTA BLOGGER (12 PRESETS) - Bright eyes, glowing hair, tan skin, and professional-looking photos with just one click.
  7. FASHION (8 PRESETS) -  These presets have been created based on the latest colour trends in fashion!
  8. MUTED (8 PRESETS) - Set the right tone in seconds for your next travel or adventure photo.


  1. ROYAL WEDDING (42 PRESETS) - Professional & High-quality wedding photography for photographers.
  2. BOHO WEDDING (10 PRESETS) - Create a dreamy boho feeling with just one click.
  3. LOVE STORY (10 PRESETS) - Will add beautiful deep brown tones to your images.
  4. SHE SAID YES (10 PRESETS) - These presets will give that film inspiring feel and golden hour effect. 
  5. DEEP TONES (10 PRESETS) - Made by our wedding photographers team, this pack will definitely help you to find the right look for your photos. 
  6. CLASSIC PORTRAITS (10 PRESETS) - It adds a natural color boost to any photo, from travel to lifestyle, or even daily snapshots. 
  7. MOODY WEDDING (10 PRESETS) - Envelope your photos in warm tones, with desaturated greens that radiate dreaminess and vibrancy.
  8. WANDERLUST (10 PRESETS) - Saturated browns, faded greens, and moody blues will give your images that special aesthetic feel.
  9. DARK TONES (16 PRESETS) - Command attention with deeper hues, enhanced contrasts, and impeccable light balance that makes every shot a masterpiece.


    1. MALDIVES (12 PRESETS) - Add vibrant tones to your favorite pictures.
    2. MOODY WINTER (10 PRESETS) - Moody Winter created to give a moody look to your Christmas photos.
    3. MOUNTAINS (10 PRESETS) - The very best presets for winter photos.
    4. BRIGHT WINTER (14 PRESETS) - Top-notch winter presets for those who love a bright and airy aesthetic.
    5. WINTER WONDER (10 PRESETS) - This pack is all you need to add a magical winter atmosphere to your photographs with one click.
    6. FALL VIBES II (10 PRESETS) - Ultimate fall collection.
    7. SPRING VIBES (10 PRESETS) - Trending spring tones: desaturated greens and yellows, bright whites and glowing skin tones.
    8. AUTUMN LEAVES (11 PRESETS) - Autumn presets that will highlight your favorite colors!
    9. INSTA SUMMER (7 PRESETS) - Inspired by the summer, its white-sand beaches, and stunning ocean blues.


    1. NATURAL (10 PRESETS) - Accentuate the details and keep the natural look. 
    2. LIGHT & AIRY (12 PRESETS) - Choose the trendiest colors for your presets.
    3. DAILY BRIGHT (10 PRESETS) - Best presets for photos taken under bad lighting, great for both indoor and outdoor photos!
    4. SELFIE (8 PRESETS)  Selfies are one of the easiest and most fun ways to enrich your social media feed.
    5. INSTA THEME (11 PRESETS) -   These presets gives a simple, natural and professional look to your Instagram photos!
    6. BOHO BABE (10 PRESETS) - Presets is for everyone who aims to create a consistent feed on Instagram with easily applied filter.
    7. BOHEMIAN DREAM (10 PRESETS) - Presets will give your photos a vintage look with a hint of brown undertone.
    8. HONEY GOLD (10 PRESETS) - With warm tones and golden hour effect, the Honey Gold pack is ideal for outdoor and indoor images.
    9. BOHO VIBES II (10 PRESETS) - These presets are carefully crafted to deliver a clean and natural moody look.


    1. NATURE (9 PRESETS) - Perfect for travel photographers!
    2. LANDSCAPE (10 PRESETS) - Make your nature photos stand out from the crowd. 
    3. ADVENTURE (9 PRESETS) - Best presets for the outdoors!
    4. RUSTIC FIELDS (10 PRESETS) - Best presets for the outdoors!
    5. TRAVEL (10 PRESETS) - This pack is known for its vivid colors and lighter images.
    6. ROADTRIP (10 PRESETS) - Roadtrip preset is all about highlighting your favorite moments. 
    7. FAMILY TIME (7 PRESETS) - Vibrant. Fun. Engaging. 
    8. SPRING TIME (7 PRESETS) - Vibrant colors playing with pastel tones. Feel the spring in your photos.
    9. THE DREAMER (7 PRESETS) - They will enhance colors, light, contrast.


    1. ROSE GOLD (10 PRESETS) - Pink hue presets that bring out the best colors in your photos.
    2. BLACK MOOD (9 PRESETS) - Bold. Edgy. Moody.
    3. MAMA'S PACK (10 PRESETS) - Create light and pastel pink pictures with just one click.
    4. MINIMAL (10 PRESETS) - A symphony of select colors, these presets spotlight gorgeous skin tones, luminosity, and striking contrasts.
    5. AIRY GREEN (10 PRESETS) - Make a unique feed that looks like you!
    6. BOUDOIR (10 PRESETS) - Boudoir set will give you that minimal flattering and luxury look.
    7. NEWBORN (10 PRESETS)  Capture dreamy moments of your baby.
    8. AUTO (10 PRESETS) - Eye-catching. Edgy. Premium Look.
    9. POLAROID (10 PRESETS) - Unique 70s style pictures with a modern twist.


    1. MOMMY BLOGGER (10 PRESETS) - With the Mommy, Blogger collection add a bright, smooth, and creamy look in just a few clicks!
    2. COHESIVE (10 PRESETS) -   Preset for minimal style lovers & influencers
    3. WARM PRODUCTS (7 PRESETS) - Warm Products Lightroom Presets are designed to bring out the natural look, color, and textures.
    4. DARK MODE (10 PRESETS) - Presets were designed to highlight the important elements in your photos.
    5. WHITE PRODUCTS (8 PRESETS) - All you need to get a white background look for your product images.
    6. VINTAGE CAMERA (10 PRESETS) - Create amazing light, clean and overall vintage look of your photos.
    7. FASHION (8 PRESETS) - Stand-out fashion presets for stylish and inspiring influencers.
    8. INFLUENCER AESTHETIC (10 PRESETS) - Gives consistent, fun and influencer like feed across all your socials! 
    9. MONO (10 PRESETS) - The Black and white collection features black and white colors with rich contrast, beautiful lights, and darks. 


    1. INSTA VIBES (10 PRESETS) - Insta Vibes set will give your images a bright, natural, yet polished and vibrant look.
    2. INSTA FIT (10 PRESETS) - Insta Fit set is created to enhances your muscled and toned body.
    3. INSTA FOOD (10 PRESETS) - Especially designed for your everyday food photos.
    4. INTERIOR (4 PRESETS) -  Create stunning minimalist interior photos in seconds!
    5. REAL ESTATE (10 PRESETS) - Bright white photos and sharp images with just one click.
    6. GOLDEN DOODLE (10 PRESETS) - These presets were specifically created for ALL dog lovers! 
    7. BEAGLE (10 PRESETS) - Bring out the best features in your photos with just one click!
    8. DOG LOVERS (10 PRESETS) - These presets will help you capture all the colors and details of your puppy.
    9. IN SHAPE (10 PRESETS) - The best presets for those who love fitness.


    1. BRIGHT & AIRY (17 LUT'S) - Create beautiful photos and videos with the same aesthetic!
    2. ROYAL WEDDING (42 LUT'S) - Professional & High-quality wedding photography LUTs. 
    3. MOODY (15 LUT'S) - If you are looking for a moody and different look, this is it!
    4. AUTUMN LEAVES (11 LUT'S) - Will highlight your favorite colors. 
    5. AIRY WEDDING (10 LUT'S) - Add a warm and airy feeling and create beautiful wedding look.
    6. BEIGE (10 LUT'S) Get matte, beige tones look in seconds!
    7. GOLDEN HOUR (14 LUT'S) - Best LUT's for golden hour effect!
    8. EARTH TONES (8 LUT'S) - Beautiful earthy tones.
    9. ADVENTURE (9 LUT'S) - Best. Video. LUT's for the outdoors!
    10. LANDSCAPE (10 LUT'S) -  A lovely faded look mixed with beautiful orange tones.
    11. BOHO WEDDING (10 LUT'S) - Start editing your footage with Boho Wedding Video LUTs today.
    12. VACAY (11 LUT'S) - Create beautiful photos and videos with the same aesthetic!
    13. DRAMATIC (10 LUT'S) - This dark-toned Dramatic LUT's will create a moody overlay and add depth, moody tones.
    14. NATURE (9 LUT'S) - Perfect for travel videographer!
    15. BOHEMIAN DREAM (10 LUT'S) - Will give your videos a vintage look with a hint of brown undertone.
    16. MOODY WEDDING (10 LUT'S) - Moody wedding LUTs created for wedding videography. 
    17. MINIMAL (4 LUT'S) - High fashion & stylish quality look just with one click.
    18. FILM NOIR (10 LUT'S) - Cinematic look that will add drama to your videos!
    19. BOHO GLOW (10 LUT'S) - It’s a warm sun kissed look that will create a magical feeling to your videos.
    20. CINEMATIC (9 LUT'S) - Moody cinematic LUTs.


    1. EVERYDAY (36 COVERS) - Perfect for stylish influencers!
    2. BROWN TONES (60 COVERS) - Neutral brown tones that will improve your social media presence.
    3. FREELANCER (28 COVERS) - Create a high fashion aesthetic with nude ones and bright whites.

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