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Introducing the MOODY BUNDLE - your ultimate toolkit for crafting visually stunning images with rich, moody colors and deep, expressive tones. This collection, featuring 180+ of our Best Moody Lightroom presets, is designed to transform your photos into works of art that speak volumes.


20 Top-Selling Moody Lightroom Preset Collections: Each collection is a gateway to a unique moody aesthetic.
✔ 180+ Unique Lightroom Presets: A vast array of options to bring depth and emotion to your images.
Seamless Compatibility: Perfectly works with iOS, Android, and Desktop.
✔ One-click automated Lightroom Presets (no user input required)
✔ 100% adjustable and customizable Lightroom presets
✔ Includes step by step easy to use Installation guide

  1. MOODY GLAM (10 PRESETS) - Perfect for enhancing the drama and mystery of your images.
  2. DRAMATIC (10 PRESETS) - These dark-toned Dramatic presets will create a moody overlay and add depth, and moody tones.
  3. COHESIVE (10 PRESETS) -   Preset for minimal style lovers & influencers
  4. DARK MODE (10 PRESETS) - Presets were designed to highlight the important elements in your photos.
  5. MOODY (10 PRESETS) - They bring out the most beautiful and inspiring tones in your images.
  6. MOODY II (10 PRESETS) -  These presets gonna give your images a dark, faded & dramatic look. 
  7. MOODY VIBES (10 PRESETS) - This is a great set for minimal moody tone lovers - dark shadows, detailed and rich greys, browns, and blues. 
  8. DARKEN (10 PRESETS) - Presets were designed to highlight the important elements in your photos
  1. DARK MOODY (8 PRESETS) - Dark, moody & magical.
  2. FLATWHITE (4 PRESETS) - All about using those deeper tones to create a dramatic look in your photos.
  3. DARK TONES (16 PRESETS) - Create a well-defined, magazine look with Dark Tones presets.
  4. MOON BLACK (12 PRESETS) - Dark tones, sharp images, and a splash of dark orange. These are the presets of today!
  1. BALI (5 PRESETS) -  Bring the best out of your photos with Bali presets.
  2. FOREST (8 PRESETS) - The main focus is a deep and soft green color.
  3. EARTH TONES (8 PRESETS) - Effortlessly achieve soft, dreamy, and rustic tones with these versatile presets.
  4. CLEAN (6 PRESETS) -   Clean tones and higher contrast - everything you need for a more professional look in your photography.
  1. MOODY WEDDING (10 PRESETS) - Warm tones, desaturated greens, and a vibrant and dreamy feeling in each photo.
  2. BOHEMIAN (9 PRESETS) - Bohemian Dream presets will give your photos a vintage look with a hint of brown undertone.
  3. CINEMATIC (9 PRESETS) - Deep, desaturated, and muted tones for professional photos.
  4. WARM & MOODY (10 PRESETS) - Create a warm, moody atmosphere.


  1. DARK MOODY Instagram Highlight Covers

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