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Creamy Bundle is a collection of 12 best nude Lightroom presets that will add soft beige, tan and creamy colored tones to your pictures! 


    ✔ 12 hand-picked Lightroom collections

    ✔ 110+ Lightroom Presets

    ✔ Compatible with iOS & Android.

     Fully Compatible with Lightroom Classic 3 up to Latest Version + All CC Versions & free Lightroom Mobile

    ✔ One-click automated Lightroom filter (no user input required)

    ✔ 100% adjustable and customizable Lightroom presets

    ✔ Free support

    ✔ Lifetime free updates


    1. CREAMY These presets will create a smooth matte effect with ivory toning. 
    2. FASHION - Bold images combined with your favorite beige warm tones.
    3. PARIS - Stunning golden hour pink and blue tones mixed with minimalist style and chrome look. 
    4. BOHO WEDDING - Boho wedding presets make sure that your skin tones are perfect, the mood is surreal and the general feeling is mind blowing. 
    5. NUDE TONES  Brown, tan, white, and beige tones for a soft and natural look. Perfect skin tones, no orange tones, and soft skin. 
    6. ALMOND  Supremely soft and moody presets with hints of Almond - Brown, White, Bright, Airy, Pastel Tones. 
    7. LIGHT & AIRY This Collection is absolutely perfect for adding subtle airy feels, and perfection to your images.
    8. IG SOFT - These  presets to create a light and soft mood that makes your everyday photos look magical.
    9. INSTA MOMMY - Mommy presets focus on stylish moms that love minimal style.
    10. INSTA BLOGGER - Get rid of yellow tones, boost the clarity of your images, and add a unique style to your everyday photos. 
    11. CREME & BEIGE - Perfect skin tones, bright sky and bright whites. These are the best presets for those who love light and airy images. 
    12. VANILLA - Vanilla is a perfect presets for those who love a fashionable look.


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