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Step into a world where technology embraces the art of photography, with our latest collection - December. These AI-optimized Lightroom Presets are more than just filters; they are your gateway to capturing the essence of the holiday season with a touch of sophistication and style.


  • AI-Driven Excellence: Crafted using advanced AI algorithms, these presets offer a unique blend of enhanced contrast and brightness, bringing out the best in your winter photographs.
  • Minimalistic Elegance: Designed for the modern photographer, 'December' presets add a bold, yet minimalistic flair to your images, making them stand out most subtly and elegantly.
  • Instagram-Ready: Tailor-made for the social media enthusiast, these presets transform your photos into trendy, visually stunning pieces, perfect for sharing on Instagram and beyond. Expect more likes, shares, and compliments!
  • Enhanced Highlights and Whites: Watch as the magic of December unfolds in your photos, with enhanced highlights and pristine whites, capturing the true spirit of winter's beauty.
  • User-Friendly: Whether you're a professional photographer or a hobbyist, these presets are incredibly easy to use, offering instant transformations with just a few clicks.

10 AI-optimized Lightroom Presets
Mobile version (.DNG files), Desktop version (.XMP and .LRTEMPLATE files)
Detailed step-by-step instructions (Video & PDF)
Fully Compatible with Lightroom Classic 3 up to Latest Version + All CC Versions & free Lightroom Mobile
Compatible with iOS & Android
One-click Automated Lightroom Presets (AI Optimized)
Detailed Step-by-Step Instructions

24/7 Quick Customer Support
Instant Download after purchase
15 000+ Trustworthy customer reviews
One-click automated Lightroom Presets

Lifetime access, you only pay once to use your presets unlimited time.

Transform Your Photography Today With December, every photograph you take becomes a testament to the beauty of winter.

Capture the Magic of December in Every Shot - Where Cutting-Edge Technology Meets the Wonder of Winter.

After purchasing our presets, you'll get a simple guide to help you get started. It's a breeze, even for kids!

  1. Snap a photo with your iPhone, Android, or digital camera.
  2. Apply the preset to your picture using the Lightroom App.
  3. Voilà! Share your amazing photo with the world!

Need help? Don't worry, we're here for you, no matter the question!

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Mobile Presets: Ideal for on-the-go editing, quickly enhance your photos right on your mobile device.

Desktop Presets: Enjoy full control and fine-tune your images with precision using your computer.

Mobile & Desktop: Experience ultimate convenience by editing seamlessly on both your laptop and mobile, unlocking the full potential of your Lightroom presets!

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