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We've created an amazing set of tools for Lightroom that make editing photos super easy and fun! Our Magic AI Presets can instantly give you whiter teeth, brighter eyes, smoother skin, clearer skies, and lots more with just one click. 

Say goodbye to manual brushing! AI now automatically detects and edits specific areas of your image with no manual effort needed.

We've mixed our expert settings with Lightroom's newest smart AI to make your photos look incredible in a snap – it's like magic!

Just remember, you need the latest version of Adobe Lightroom for these tools to work.


  • AI-Powered Precision: No more hand-brushing! Our advanced AI technology makes all the adjustments and masks for you, ensuring every detail is perfect.
  • Time-Saving Efficiency: Apply settings in seconds, not hours. Spend more time capturing moments and less time editing.
  • User-Friendly: As simple to install as Lightroom Presets. Designed for both amateurs and pros, it's a breeze to use!


🌈 Image Adjustments for Every Mood:

  • Core Glow: Illuminate your photos with a touch of brilliance.
  • Moody Aesthetic: Add depth and emotion to your captures.
  • Pop Up Light: Bring your subject to life with vibrant lighting.
  • Reset All: One click to revert and start anew.

💡 Light Adjustments for the Perfect Ambiance:

  • Hard Light: For those dramatic, high-contrast scenes.
  • Shadows Hard/Soft: Play with shadows to add mystery or softness.
  • Soft Light: Gentle illumination for a subtle, dreamy effect.

👤 Subject Adjustments for Stunning Portraits:

  • Brighten/Darken: Adjust the lighting on your subject with precision.
  • Subject HDR: High Dynamic Range for breathtaking detail.
  • Subject Sharp: Crisp edges and clear details.
  • Subject Warm Pop: Add warmth and vibrancy to your subjects.

🌌 Background AI Tools for Spectacular Scenery:

  • Brighten/Darken: Set the perfect mood for your background.
  • Pop/Sunset/Sunset Sky Pop: From subtle to dramatic sky transformations.
  • Vintage/Sky Control: Vintage flair or masterful sky manipulation.
  • Sky Drama/Brighter/Darker: Create a sky that tells a story.

👁️ Portrait Adjustments for Flawless Faces:

  • Eye Whiten: Brighter, more captivating eyes.
  • Eyebrows Enhancer: Defined eyebrows for expressive portraits.
  • Red Lips/Smooth Hair: Luscious lips and silky-smooth hair.
  • Soft Lips/Soften Skin: For that perfect, natural glow.
  • White Teeth: Everyone's smile at its brightest!

🌟 Transform Your Photography Today!

With the Magic AI Adaptive Toolkit, your photography will not just capture moments; it will tell stories, evoke emotions, and create lasting impressions. Perfect for professionals and hobbyists alike, this toolkit is your secret weapon for stunning, high-quality AI-enhanced photography.

Add the Magic AI Adaptive Toolkit to your arsenal today and experience the magic of AI in your photography!