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This Lightroom collection is created from our time tested presets that were most enjoyed by moms and photography lovers. Perfect for anyone wanting to create a dreamy Instagram feed.


1. MAMA'S PACK (10 PRESETS)Perfect for anyone wanting to create a dreamy Instagram feed.

2. INSTA MOMMY (8 PRESETS) Instagram presets for perfect family photos. Warm tones mixed with a bright and airy feeling. 

3. MERCURY (6 PRESETS) - will make your photos magical in just one click. Beautiful pink undertones in sharpened photos. Create a fairytale mood in a few seconds.

4. MIAMI (5 PRESETS) - one of the most perfect presets for outdoors. Amazing summer look that will highlight your sunkissed skin. Vibrant colors and high contrast
are some of the main features of these presets. 

5. BRIGHT & AIRY (8 PRESETS) - make your photos look clean, light, and high contrast with one click magic. These are one of those presets that make your mobile photos look professional. 

6. CLOTHES & BOUTIQUES (5 PRESETS) - Warm and cozy feeling in every photo!

7. IG SOFT (6 PRESETS) - Dreamy. Sensual. Captivating. These presets create a light and soft mood that makes your everyday photos look magical

8. VANILLA (10 PRESETS) This set of presets makes it incredibly easy to create stylish and eye-catching content for Instagram. 

9. PERFECT TONES (8 PRESETS) - Warmer, sharper & simply better. Add the right tone and contrast to each and every one of your images both on desktop and mobile.

10. FAMILY (6 PRESETS) - Soft pink undertones, sharper and lighter images without the overly saturated look. Stylish and well-balanced photography with just one click.

11. GOLDEN DOODLE (10 PRESETS) - Super cute presets for the cutest dog in the world! We love golden doodles so much that we have decided to create specific presets for them.

12. LIGHT & AIRY (6 PRESETS) - these particular presets won’t alter the image too much from reality. Just a smooth finish with a burst of clarity. 


✔ High-quality edit in seconds

✔ 12 Lightroom collections with our favorite presets 

✔ 88 different presets

✔ One-click automated Lightroom filter (no user input required)

✔ 100% adjustable and customizable presets

✔ Compatible with iOS & Android.

 Fully Compatible with Lightroom Classic 3 up to Latest Version + All CC Versions & free Lightroom Mobile

✔ Detailed installation instructions included (PDF)

✔ Free support

✔ Lifetime free updates


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    Over 10,000 Positive Customer Reviews - We will be always grateful for that ❤️

    Save A Ton of Editing Time - Don't struggle too much to find the right tools for your projects. Discover a wide variety of Lightroom Presets and spread your workflow dramatically!

    Stand Out from the Crowd - Make your Instagram feed look professional. 

    Completely Customizable - Any develop preset you use inside Lightroom is completely customizable and it’s as easy as a couple of mouse clicks.