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Discover the magic of vintage film with our Cinematic Bundle, a Premium Elite Collection of 180+ of our most sought-after cinematic Lightroom presets. Designed to infuse your photos with that nostalgic, film-inspired aesthetic, this bundle is your ticket to creating timeless images.


  • 20 Top-Selling Cinematic Lightroom Preset Collections: Each collection is crafted to emulate the classic charm of film photography.
  • 180+ Unique Lightroom Presets: A wide array of choices to achieve that perfect vintage look.
  • Universal Compatibility: Seamlessly works with iOS, Android, and Desktop.
  • Instant One-Click Application: Transform your photos effortlessly.
  • Fully Customizable: Tailor each preset to match your unique style.
  • Easy-to-Follow Installation Guide: Get started without any hassle.

  1. FILM MATTE (10 PRESETS) - Film Matte presets add a soft, film look to your photos, with a subtle matte finish that creates a professional, cohesive feel. 
  2. FUJIFILM (10 PRESETS) - This collection features soft tones and creamy retro colors.
  3. PORTRA 400 (10 PRESETS) - Transform your photos into vintage, film-inspired masterpieces with our Portra 400 presets for Lightroom.
  4. KODAK PORTRA (10 PRESETS) - These presets give a classic film look with subtle color shifts and will help give your images a touch of nostalgia.
  5. FUJI LIFESTYLE (10 PRESETS) - They bring out the most beautiful and inspiring tones in your images.
  6. CINESTILL (10 PRESETS) - Cinestill Lightroom presets will give a moody & dark aesthetic to your images. Perfect for an aesthetic Instagram feed.
  7. URBAN (10 PRESETS) - Moody orange and grey presets to help you keep a consistent edit style for your Instagram feed.
  8. FUJIFILM SUPERIA 400 (10 PRESETS) - Presets were designed to highlight the important elements in your photos.
  1. DELUXE (10 PRESETS) - Are the finishing touches that will give your photos an upscale vibe with luxury look.
  2. NO FILTER (9 PRESETS) - This collection adds the final and subtle touch for your pictures!
  3. NATURAL LIFESTYLE (10 PRESETS) - Bring out the natural beauty of everyday moments.
  4. WANDERLUST (10 PRESETS) - Saturated browns, faded greens, moody blues will give your images that special aesthetic feel.
  1. FILM NOIR (10 PRESETS) - Cinematic look that will add drama to your photos.
  2. FILM II (10 PRESETS) -  Film II has as 35MM film look with a slight grain vintage effect.
  3. FILM (9 PRESETS) - This pack has a 35MM film look with a vintage effect.
  4. POLAROID (10 PRESETS) -  Unique 70s-style pictures with a modern twist.
  1. MUTED (8 PRESETS) - Set the right tone in seconds for your next travel or adventure photo.
  2. CINEMATIC (9 PRESETS) - Deep, desaturated, and muted tones for professional photos.
  3. GRAINY MINIMAL (11 PRESETS) - Minimal style look highlighted with a nostalgic mood. 
  4. 1960'S VINTAGE (10 PRESETS) - 1960s Vintage retro presets will help you add beautiful, trendy, warm, muted, and unique tones to your photography.


  1. FILM Instagram Highlight Covers

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What are Lightroom Presets?

Lightroom Presets are pre-designed settings that quickly transform your photos with just one click. They serve as a powerful tool to simplify your photo editing process, helping you achieve stunning results in seconds. By applying a preset, you can consistently enhance colors, lighting, and other elements across multiple images, saving time and boosting your creative potential. With endless options to choose from, Lightroom Presets are the perfect way to bring your photography vision to life!

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